The Division

Matthew Schultz has unveiled his newest endeavor, The Division. This sound project is a reconstruction of ancient spells and rituals reinterpreted aurally.

With this newest disc - Mantras - Schultz has delved into the esoteric and ancient fraternal order of The Division. He has reinterpreted the traditional texts and scores of the order to create a beautifully dynamic and sometimes disturbing disc that synthesizes world music, dark ambient and magic or Matgick. Mantras is the first in a trilogy of discs that express all the aspects of The Division. The second disc is completed and awaiting manufacturing. It should be released by 2011. More...

You now have the ability to download 6 entire CDs for free!

So enjoy!

Also available, is the ability to donate whatever you wish, through PayPal, to help support future endeavors. After all... the cost of the production equipment, keyboards, effects, the computer, as well as the web hosting, web design and support all add up and cost real money. as much as you want and then donate a little something in order to keep the music alive. To learn about free merchandise, which is available at certain donation levels, click here.

Thanks to all of you who have already graciously donated money!


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